Pitäjänmäki is much loved by its residents, and though few know it, the district also has some of the most remarkable parks in Helsinki. There are even rapids that are second in scale only to those at the mouth of the Vantaankoski river. Pitäjänmäki also has a fine example of a modern park design and an impressive playground. In this part of Helsinki, people and industry live side by side.

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Patterimäki “Battery Hill” Park

Patterimäki Park lies within the streets Pajamäentie, Takkatie and Arinatie. To the south of the park is the Pajamäki residential neighbourhood and to the north […]
Dec 10, 2012 /

Strömberginpuisto Strömberg Park

Strömberg Park is one of the gems of Pitäjänmäki and all of Helsinki. It was named after Gottfrid Strömberg, a pioneer in the Finnish electrical […]
Dec 10, 2012 /

Local history of Pitäjänmäki–Pajamäki area

Pitäjänmäki has been inhabited since the Stone Age. Archeological excavations behind the playground on Nuolitie have uncovered numerous comb ceramic artefacts. The original route to […]
Dec 10, 2012 /