The Herttoniemi shoreline (Herttoniemenranta) was transformed in just 15 years from a dreary industrial area into an attractive suburban residential district. Cleaning the area around the old oil depot cost Shell and Teboil, the oil companies who had leased the land, almost FIM 100 million (EUR 17 million). The new planning for the area began at the end of 1989, and construction began in autumn 1993 and was completed in the early 2000s.

The new apartment buildings form a protective wall along the Linnanrakentajantie road and diminish in height towards the shore. The impressive granite rocks add diversity to the scenery. The facades of the buildings were mostly masoned and plastered on site, and the colours are typical of those used in the centre of the city. The local parks are well integrated with the urban structure and varied by nature. Their designs represent typical 1990s park planning and feature even rare plants. The local names reflect the history of the area. Today around 9000 residents live in the Herttoniemenranta district.

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Sorsavuorenpuisto “Duck Hill Park”

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Sisselenpuisto Sissele Park

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Petter Wetterin puisto Petter Wetter Park

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