Green Hearts, Park Walks in Helsinki is a park website made by the Public Works Department of the City of Helsinki. This site invites residents and visitors to discover the city’s many delightful parks with the help of planned walking routes. You can print out the texts to accompany your park walk or use your mobile device to read the texts when you are in the parks. Through various links you can explore even deeper, such as discovering the lives of the statues in the parks. To keep track of all the new parks that are being created in Helsinki, the website will be updated regularly with at least one new park walk each year. Please enjoy the richness of Helsinki’s parks and other green areas!

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Read more about the history of Helsinki’s parks! Plants – Dressing up the City

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The statue talks to you

The statues and monuments around Helsinki come to life! For seven years already the Public Works Department has organised guided drama walks on Helsinki Day, 12 […]
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Modern parks in Ruoholahti

Between the years of 1992 and 2002 a new residential and commercial district was built in a former harbour area on the western edge of […]
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La vie en rose in Meilahti

Meilahti Arboretum On the grounds of the former Meilahti Manor, between the Johannesbergintie and Meilahdentie streets and in a valley between three rocky outcrops lies Meilahti […]
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